»Fish Spa«
Victorian-era 'chinoiserie' chair emulating Chinese design and two aquariums filled with Garra Rufa fish.

»Ise Jingu«
Miniature of the Ise Shrine, a Shinto Shrine located in the city of Ise, Japan. The shrine has been rebuilt almost every twenty years since 690 A.D.

Buddhist 'shanzhai' phone.

Black market cigarettes 'Jin Ling'. Produced in Russia, and based on a Chinese label, with a design and color palette that resembles Camel cigarettes, Jin Ling has become the ninth biggest-selling brand in Germany-without advertising and only from black market sales, primarily through Vietnamese street vendors.

3D print of a statue of the Virgin Mary from the clock of Basel's town hall. In 1608, during reformation iconoclasm (100 years after its initial production), the Virgin was turned into a personification of Justice by the removal of the Christ Child and replacemnt with a set of scales.

Counterfeit polo shirts rebranded by the British organization ‘His Church’. For six years, His Church has successfully convinced police and custom authorities, as well as corporations that have seized counterfeit goods, to donate the items to charity for redistribution to people in need, rather than destroy them. The His Church logo is stitched on top of the imitation logo, converting fraudulent goods into a new donatable brand that reinforces the Church’s message.

»Art of War«
Adaptations of the ancient military treatise Art of War, attributed to Sun Tzu.

Poster bought from a car dealership in Shenzen, China, showcasing the 'Shuanghuan Noble'-the four seater Chinese hatchback made by Shuanghuan Motors. The Noble is subject to numerous court cases due to its resemblance to the Daimler-'Smart Fortwo'. It was rebranded in the United States as the 'Wheego Whip' and modified with an electric engine. During an alternative car schow in Santa Monica in 2009, Arnold Schwarzenegger was photographed viewing the Wheego. Schwarzenegger is now depicted by Shuanghuan Motors as their spokesperson in California. The text reads "The terminator of small cars".

Rear hatch of a Shuanghuan CEO, tuned with custom-designed hologram stickers manufactured in Shenzen. The Shuanghuan CEO was banned in Germany in 2008 when a Munich court declared it guilty of design infringement of BMW's X5.